About RCKa

RCKa provides an innovative model for young architectural practices operating in a challenging and changing civic and economic landscape. Our active and enterprising approach to enabling and securing projects of relevance to the local community is based upon critical dialogue, and was developed to satisfy the central ambition of the practice, to produce consistently high-quality pioneering and socially responsive architecture.

Formed in 2008 following a successful international housing competition win, RCKa quickly established itself as one of the UK's most exciting young practices. Our particular expertise in housing and community projects has been recognised in further competition wins, commissions and awards, most recently an NLA 2013 Finalist Award for best public building, and a winning project in the Housing Design Awards.

In addition to a strong portfolio of completed residential work, we recently completed a new photography gallery on Liverpool's fourth grace site that the Financial Times reported as being, 'ideally suited to the blend of grandeur and detail of much contemporary photography', and a £3.5m youth and community facility in Lewisham that Building Design Magazine praised as 'a political and architectural triumph in equal measure'.


RCKa studio

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