PegasusLife Park House

Harpenden, Hertfordshire

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Our proposal for a new retirement community in the Hertfordshire town of Harpenden sits on the threshold between the historic edge of the centre and the celebrated open space of Rothamsted Park to the south.

The scheme provides 38 contemporary apartments for retired residents plus shared and community facilities which encourage inter-generational interaction and helps embed the development in the local community with a new shared restaurant facing the park and the removal of boundaries between the landscaped gardens and the public realm.

The proposals consist of three buildings in a landscape setting in response to the mature landscape of the Park. The form of the buildings is inspired by the rich character of the Arts & Crafts buildings within the town and by sensitively stitching the Park and Town settings together, both conditions are enhanced. A landscape feature, in the form of a heavily planted colonnade is added to integrate the buildings with the landscape and introduce a civic quality befitting the community facilities behind.

The proposals aim to create a safe and socially inclusive environment, and by offering high quality and generous apartments, specifically designed for retirement living, we can provide a more sustainable alternative to the under-occupation of large family homes on the periphery of town.

The scheme is now on site with completion due in early 2018.

PegasusLife Harpenden

PegasusLife Harpenden

PegasusLife Harpenden